Forex Seminars

Forex seminar

Our courses have been designed to allow any individual from any background to learn about the forex markets and how to trade them. Our courses enable you to apply your knowledge to any financial instrument ranging from EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURAUD currency pairs to markets like DAX, FTSE, DOW, S&P and much more.

Our Forex Course has been built from the ground up. In short it will transform you into a successful independent Forex trader. The course is delivered over an intensive three-day period at our offices. The following is a breakdown of the 3 day course.


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Training Overview

Day 1
  • Introduction to Forex Trading
  • Theory of Forex Trading
  • Money Management
  • Psychology of Trading
  • Setting up your computer for Forex trading
  • Opening a Demo trading account
Day 2
  • Navigation of MT4 platform
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Trading techniques
Day 3
  • Developing a Trading system
  • Demo Trading

Personal Attention

  • Days of intensive training
  • Opening of a Demo Trading Account
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Trading techniques
  • Lots of practice on a computer
  • Forex Trading Manual
  • Refreshments
  • Help with opening of a live Trading account


We provide lifetime support after the 3 full day training.

Without support newly trained Traders loose discipline,
focus and drive needed to become successful. We
continually give support until Traders feel fully equipped to
be on their own.

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After languishing in the low 70s for decades, in less than 10 years we have really accelerated the high-school-graduation rate, while increasing standards and rigor.

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